My Family in the Heartland

My Family in the Heartland


It is always an adventure when children are involved in life. It is a careful balance we try to achieve by striving to inculcate values and pride in their young minds while preserving the innocence of their childhood. This first book in the Amaka book series is my way of giving a glimpse into Amaka’s life.

Every family is unique in its own way with sometimes grandparents, step parents, siblings taking that lead role as the family leader. Family is very important in the African culture. We lean on them when the weight of our bodies can no longer sustain us. Families bicker, quarrel, love and hopefully make up. Families should strive to work together and weather the storms of life.

With the explosion of social media and availability of instant gratification via very powerful imagery, it is easy to long for a different kind of family – maybe one that is less critical, or one that is more supportive, or perhaps one that junkets around the world in their perfectly matched outfits like the images we see around us.

The best kind of family is the one we have, as imperfect as it may seem. Learning to accept each other’s faults, failures, and successes are important. There is no perfect mother;  but wait, she bore you and loved you even when you were within. There is no perfect father; but perhaps he is the anchor, the dependable beacon of strength that protects his own. There are no perfect siblings, but each of their uniqueness makes them special.

Come and journey with Amaka as she goes on her adventures in the heartland. Enjoy the beauty of Africa. Above all, enjoy the beauty of the family unit, no matter how small or imperfect yours may be. There is certainly beauty in all our imperfection.

Ure Mezu-Chukwu